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Hello hello! Here we are with. Yet another edition of SlipStream. In this one, we talk about things that we <3! Things like ‘Vocal for Local’ and the rise of homegrown brands.

As the virus-panic hit us, and we thought for ways to build a self-reliant India and rebooting our economy, making a conscious decision to invest in the local brands, we saw an increasing awareness among people of India to source homegrown products and services, discovering incredible local talent.

We saw the rise of local artists, entrepreneurs, designers, vendors providing world-class products, services, and designs made using locally sourced materials. Last year has brought changes in our lifestyle, making us conscious of our choices be it daily habits or our consumer patterns.

Well, yes, it’s sad that it took us a pandemic of such scale to realize how much we need each other.

Being Vocal for Local’ is a lifestyle choice that we are hoping is here to stay. Hope we continue to support our own, promoting and nourishing the local talent before bragging about international products or services.

It’s not about ‘only’ using the products or services with a ‘Made In India’ tag on them and turning a blind eye to globalization. It’s about realizing and appreciating and supporting what’s already on our plate, thereby also creating room for in-house talent. Giving equal chance and building enough opportunities for the local, to leverage their skills without them feeling that they don’t have a sustainable future.

The on-going “conversation” between the Indian Government and Twitter due to the controversial farm laws has led top ministers, actors, influencers, and many renowned personalities to make a shift from Twitter to the Koo app – the Indian micro-blogging app! In case, you have no clue about the virtual battles, here is an article on Twitter vs Koo for you to get a head-start.

The Desi Twitter

On the Founder Thesis Podcast, we have had the opportunity to speak with the men behind Koo, Aprameya Radhakrishna, and Mayank Bidawatka. On the podcast, we spark conversations with the two co-founders where they share some of the captivating behind-the-scenes on building a social app that’s for the local, and in the local languages.

You can stream full, unfiltered episodes by clicking the links below:

Giving a Voice to Bharat @ Mayank Bidawatka

Making India Vokal @ Aprameya Radhakrishna

Here is a recent tweet by Radhakrishna showing gratitude for the love Koo has been receiving, more so in the span of the past few days.

The year-old Koo has recorded 3 million registered users

Koo has gone from strength to strength and the vernacular micro-blogging platform is here to stay, giving a unique voice to the people of India. It sure is there to give opportunities to people who speak only in the regional languages, people whose voices remain unheard due to lack of accessibility to a platform.

Koo happens to bridge the communication gap for Indian Content Creators coming from whatsoever corner of the country. We wish to see promising content come to limelight.

Some people say that the real India is in our rural parts. The remote regions of Bharat have a huge amount of latent talent yet to be explored.

Well, if Koo gives a chance to those people to better their lives, the homegrown brand would have contributed to a flourishing nation where local voices are seen, heard, and acknowledged.

In a recent Economic Times story, Radhakrishna says,

Twitter helps everybody connect internationally and to probably the top 1- 2% of India. But when India needs to connect with each other on thoughts and opinions, there is no platform. So that’s what we are.

In the digital era, where social media has become “weaponised” for hate speech and newsfeed supplants the newspaper and traditional mass media, it is important to not let the negativity overwhelm you as we are the content we consume.

We hope to see positive changes, unique stories, and authenticity surface.

Here’s a quote by the amazing Will Smith…

“Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let god deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.”

Progressive conversations are the need of the hour. Every voice is valuable. Let’s see where we go from here in the world of the digital revolution. Time will tell.

Until next time…

I wish you a lovely February!

Love and Light, 

Nikita, on behalf of The Podium team.

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