The Language Edition!

Did you know you could learn a whole new language through podcasts?
Learning Languages through podcast

Good Morning!

Hope you had a smashing week!

Throughout this lockdown, we’ve all been upskilling in one form or another. Mostly it’s learning a new digital tool or taking up a crash course on some kind of management or attending an online webinar/workshop.

But honestly, these will eventually just make you “YAWN!” (P.S. talking from personal experience ?)

So we thought of suggesting something more fun… Learning a new language!

The Right Subject Line for a Networking Email Makes All the Difference

Foreign languages have always fascinated me and I have done two levels of Spanish & (unsuccessfully) tried learning Japanese even… Both were super fun though! So for this edition of our newsletter, we thought of merging the two loves – Podcast & Languages!

But before we dive into that, here’s a quick update from us.

Early this week we launched the 5th Episode of our Beyond Campus podcast featuring Ankit Mehrotra of DineOut. In case you’ve missed it here’s a link to the episode.

On Founder Thesis this week we sat down with Shobhit Dhingra of Josh Talks to learn more about his entrepreneurial story. Here’s a link to this episode.


So far on our newest podcast India Booked, we’ve done two episodes featuring the absolutely amazing authors, Manimughdha Sharma & Varud Gupta. Do check them out here.

Now that you know what we’ve been up to this week lets get back to business.

As promised before here are our top picks of podcasts that’ll teach you a new language.

Here Goes:

1. Innovative Language Pod101

With a series of podcast shows, Innovative Language 101 offers a huge variety of languages that you can master irrespective of your language mastery level. They not only have the usual French, Spanish, Japanese podcasts but also languages such as Afrikaans, Hungarian, Korean, Turkish, etc. With a truly diverse collection to choose from this series of podcasts will definitely keep you hooked.

Check out their collection here.

2. News In Slow

Here’s a podcast that will take you beyond the traditional language lessons. This series of podcasts available in Spanish, French, Italian & German will help you learn a new language through news broadcasts! With transcripts of the news broadcasts that highlight important vocabulary, we are sure you will learn to pick up a new language in a more everyday conversational & contextual manner.

Check out their collection here.

3. Survival Phrases

This one will come in handy when you plan for your next international holiday. (Although this seems like a very distant dream right now. But trust me we will all be traveling again.) Survival phrases podcast is a series that features podcasts in 34 different languages and that’ll teach you essential travel phrases, basic conversations, and cultural tips.

Check out their collection here.

4. The Fluent Show

The fluent show podcast is all about “loving, living and learning languages.” This podcast will teach you any languages but instead will get you excited about picking up a new language. The hosts have themselves learned over 15 languages & share stories, tips, and ideas on how to master a new language. Some of the topics they have covered include learning multiple languages at once, finding language-learning communities, and moving past the intermediate plateau.

Listen to it here.

5. Spanish Obsessed

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world so we picked a fun podcast that specifically covers this language. (Also in case you are wondering Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world) This Columbian & English duo will help you learn Spanish through a series of courses paced as per the audience’s mastery level. Accompanied by blog & guides to a variety of Spanish topics, this podcast provides all the necessary things required to master the Spanish language.

Listen to their beginner series here.

Let us know which language you will be learning in the comments below. That’s all from us for this week. Here’s wishing you a great weekend.

Until Next Time…


Gratitude and Regards,

Madhu, on behalf of team.


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