The Desi Nari Edition!

This week's edition is dedicated to all the incredible women in our lives.
Best podcast by Indian Women

Good Morning, Folks!

This last week seems to have been a huge boost for female morale. Starting off with the big news about “period leave” announced by Zomato. Now, I know this is a much-debated issue, but let’s credit it for opening a nationwide dialogue about a taboo issue.

One a more curious note – Have you heard about the new female figure traffic lights on the streets of Mumbai?! Here check it out…

A pedestrian crossing light with one of the new female silhouettes in the Dadar neighborhood of Mumbai.

This is the state’s Tourism and Environment Minister – Aditya Thackeray’s take on encouraging women equality! Honestly, I am not particularly sure how this helps the cause but heck let’s just go with the spirit of act right?

But the best thing about last week has been these two epic movies that celebrate two absolutely incredible Indian sheroes! Shakuntala Devi on Prime Video & Gunjan Saxena – The Kargil Girl on Netflix.

If you haven’t watched these yet, then kick back this weekend & enjoy some good cinema in the comfort of your home.

So to keep up with all this girl power, we thought of shining a light on 5 amazing podcasts hosted by our desi kudis. So here we go:

1. Chuski Pop

A fortnightly podcast featuring some fun conversations mostly around pop culture and random everyday happenings. Featured in The Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Elle Magazine & several other publications this podcast is currently on their 6th season and 92nd episode. You will surely not be short of content to tune into.

🎧 Check it out here.

2. Culture Chaos

This podcast is all about the chaos caused by the host’s nomadic lifestyle. Having moved out of India about 5 years ago, Isha Soni has lived in various cities across the globe. In this show, she talks about her experiences – about making sense of the cultural differences & adapting to a new way of life while struggling to maintain her own culture and identity.

🎧 Check it out here.

3. The Vision Nari

This is a podcast hosted by Swati Rawat & features interviews with inspiring women leaders, entrepreneurs & visionaries across fields. Everyday women who are breaking boundaries to chase their goals & aspirations. The idea is to bring forth women role models. Tune into this one to know more about some incredible women and what motivates them to chase their goals.

🎧 Check it out here.

4. Real Talk with Smriti Notani  

Best Smriti Notani | Real Girl Podcasts (2020)

In this podcast, writer & blogger, Smriti Notani talks about everyday things that women encounter – be it politics, mental health, casual sexism, or marriage in the present context. The easy flowing conversational banter is much like catching up with a friend over coffee.

🎧 Check it out here.

5. The Sanskari Saas

This podcast is all about feminism – its various dimensions & how it applies to things around us. The sassy conversation in the podcast range from topics such as body positivity to discussion female leads in GOT!

🎧 Check it out here.

Let me know which of these did you tune into & liked.

Oh, editor’s note – We are also in love with Behencode Podcast by Filoni Kkanani. Do check it out!

And some news from the Podcast Land

So since we last connected with you some interesting things happened in the podcasting world which might interest you.

Amazon Music & Audible added podcasts to their respective services! So now you can also listen to your favorite podcasts shows on these platforms. No, Spotify is not the one to be left behind – they just rolled out support for video podcasts! Wait for those video podcasts coming our way!

And Lastly… a weekly update about what we’ve been up to.

The Podium family is growing & so is our list of shows.

Today is the premier of Saurabh’s much-awaited marketing podcast – Marketing Connect. Featuring some exciting conversations with our countries top marketers across sectors!

You can check it out here.

P.S. this is exclusive early access to some great marketing “gyan” especially for you before the show goes live to the public next week!

Let us know which one is your favorite episode.

On Founder Thesis, we got into a fun conversation with Dharamveer Chouhan, the Co-Founder & CEO of Zostel & uncovered some quirky secrets – like the one where he spent a night sleeping on a beach in Spain! Here’s a link to our conversation:

On Beyond Campus we featured Sudeep Singh of MPowered, who shared with us some great insights and tips on selling big-ticket products. Check it out here:

And on India Booked, do check out our episode featuring author Rajat Ubhaykar as he talks about his book Truck de India – a travelogue of his unplanned, hitchhiked 10,000 km long journey across India! Listen to Rajat’s story here.

Well, that’s all from us for this week. Have a fantabulous weekend ahead.

Until Next Time…

👋 Good Bye!

Gratitude and Regards,

Madhu, on behalf of team.


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