Upgrade With Nakul

A podcast about technology in our lives. This series has been conceptualized to offer the listeners a peek into what goes on behind the screen, not just of our special guests’ gadgets, but tech in general.

Hosted by Nakul Kumar, this podcast will feature some interesting personalities from various domains of life. From sportsmen to artists and entrepreneurs, we’ll speak to a line-up of unconventional people. What will always remain constant is our focus on how technology shapes their lives and their go-to hacks & tricks.

We will explore their unique relationship with technology and try to soak in all that can enhance our and our listeners’ relationship with technology.

Hacks, tricks, insights, upcoming tech or innovations, you name it and we’ll have covered it in this stream. So sit back, relax, plug in your earphones and let the fun begin.

Marketing Connect

We get up close and personal with some of the most celebrated marketers in India. We understand from them the method and the madness behind how they look at marketing as a discipline and what it takes to succeed as a marketer in this day and age.

In the first season of Marketing Connect Podcast, we speak to marketers from businesses ranging from real estate to fashion to content to food to retail, and a lot more! These are marketers who manage some of the largest brands in the country today!

Kahaniyon Ka Guccha

Someone once said, “We are the stories we tell!”

Stories are as important in our lives as probably food and shelter.
Stories make us laugh, cry, and learn. They carry us to the mysterious worlds of our imagination.

So here we are, ready to take you along with us on a ride with some great stories by some great writers.

We invite you to this podcast ‘Kahaniyon ka Guccha’ where you will hear curated series of stories written by some of the greatest writers in Hindustani language. Stay tuned to some of the greatest stories with us in ‘Kahaniyon ka Guccha’.

Founder Thesis

Founder Thesis is a podcast by ThePodium.in where we talk about stories of success, of failures, of hard work and sleepless nights, of the dreams and reality and of leaving a legacy behind!

Tune in to our candid conversations with some of the most celebrated startup founders of our nation. On Founder Thesis we are on a mission to uncover the secrets to building a Unicorn!

SoulBrews with Sheba

Welcome to the podcast where all stories are welcomed!

This is a podcast with no agenda. Hidden or otherwise. In a freewheeling conversation over coffee, Sheba gently nudges people to shake off their masks and share their real selves.

Hear what keeps people ticking, what helps them make sense of the world and what is the inner, most private conversation people have with themselves.

Hear people being, well….human. Expect to hear from the quiet introverts, because Sheba has a soft corner for them:)

India Booked

India Booked is a podcast that uses literature as a lever to bring multiple facets of India alive. A perfect podcast for bibliophiles, trivia junkies and people interested in learning more about India. Every episode focuses on a different theme and takes place via a conversation between the host with celebrated authors.