Marketing Connect

We get up close and personal with some of the most celebrated marketers in India. We understand from them the method and the madness behind how they look at marketing as a discipline and what it takes to succeed as a marketer in this day and age.

In the first season of Marketing Connect Podcast, we speak to marketers from businesses ranging from real estate to fashion to content to food to retail, and a lot more! These are marketers who manage some of the largest brands in the country today!

Beyond Campus

At Beyond Campus Podcast, we are building a platform to inspire students and young professionals to think beyond traditional career options that are typically imposed on them!

We talk to people that have taken the offbeat path and paved their way to success. This show is a collection of interviews with Startup Founders, Business Leaders HR leaders, Standup Comedians, Social Media Influencers, SME Entrepreneurs and more. We talk to them about their journey to success, and share actionable insights that listeners can take inspiration from! 

With these conversations, we aim to spark curiosity, expose the listeners to a range of career options and encourage them to break the mold. And do the extraordinary! Come, join us for a ride.

Founder Thesis

Founder Thesis is a podcast by where we talk about stories of success, of failures, of hard work and sleepless nights, of the dreams and reality and of leaving a legacy behind!

Tune in to our candid conversations with some of the most celebrated startup founders of our nation. On Founder Thesis we are on a mission to uncover the secrets to building a Unicorn!