Podcasting: A mainstream career?

Can you make a career out of podcasting

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We are a network of podcasts and we exist because we want to inspire more people to plug into the digital audio medium and realize how it impacts their lives for good. Anyone on the Internet has free access to these digital audio files, called Podcasts.

And no we are not alone. The whole of India is binge-listening! Leveraging the “opportunity” presented by the global pandemic, people are increasingly using podcasts as their me-time thing!

The question we ask, is there a podcast revolution on the charts, or is it just another fad? 

So far, the future of the Indian audio industry truly seems to be promising with approx. 57.6 million monthly listeners already! And thus today, we talk about building a mainstream career in podcasting and let me tell you, you can start one with a closet and a smartphone. Oh, and yes, smart and relevant content. Something dear to your heart that you want to talk about and that you believe people would equally want to listen to.


So yes, three things to get started: a closet, a smartphone, and your inspiration.

Let’s dig deeper!

1. Podcasting as a hobby

We all want to follow our deepest passions and make it big in the world. Right? So, when it comes to podcasting, you can simply start it as a hobby.

Pick a topic that drives you. And as you grow (of course after planning, plotting, and actioning consistently), this can become a legit full-time career. There are a lot of individual podcasters making (real!!) money with their podcast shows. Just like successful YouTubers, influencers, bloggers, freelance content creators, etc.

But hey, make sure you get up from the bed even if you don’t want to and Get that Work Done. It can take 150 episodes before you get the recognition or achieve the big goal. But you gotta keep at it! The listenership and fan base will subsequently soar. 

Over at Podium, on our flagship show, The Founder Thesis, we have launched 20 plus episodes so far and yet we are not up there on “those” charts 🙁

Starting-up or any creative process for that matter will test your patience time and again but it’s sure going to be worth it in the end and if not, well, it’s not yet the end.

recording my first ever podcast…eeep

2. Create a Podcast you would love to listen to

When you are creating a podcast network or if you are an individual creator, the most common monetization strategies are advertising & sponsorships.

Memberships/subscriptions are another, where you can allow your subscribers to access premium content. There are host-read ads, branded content, and collaborations from where most of the revenue comes. But these things are secondary.

The foremost thing is to expose your listeners to quality content. Your content will take you places. Your listeners are smart, they wouldn’t want to waste time listening to crap. Hence, the content has to be your prime focus, make it interesting and authentic. 

Eventually, it shall grow into a sustainable business.

3. Tell a story 

Your listeners want to listen to raw, honest, and unfiltered conversations. Whatever niche you pick, share your story/experiences with the audience. Tell them how they can relate to you. Be yourself and make love with the art of telling a story. That’s where you stand out. What’s unique about you? What is it that you embrace? What was that one moment where you were so proud about something you did?

Include these elements in your show. Make it accessible to more and more people by giving it just that touch of your personality, of who you are and why you are so passionate about making that show.  Real and vulnerable conversations leave a long-lasting impact.

stay authentic while designing your show 🙂

4. Diversification of the audience

Podcasts go mainstream. People from diverse backgrounds are listening to their favorite shows and there is a show for everyone. We have come a long way in the podcast ecosystem. Whatever your genre is, there is a show or two for you. Whatever mood you are in, you can plug into your personalized list of podcast shows.

Plus, our generation is much more aware and goal-oriented. We want to utilize our time doing something productive. At least, that’s what I look forward to doing in my spare time.

So, podcasts are here to stay. All we need is to spread more awareness and maybe introduce our parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles to the fascinating world of podcasting. Our podcast on Manto’s stories may be a good starting point for them!

5. Consumption of Audio Content

Not everyone has time to read content posts, but everyone has time to listen to podcasts. We all have chores to do, commute/exercise/strolling/doing laundry/cooking, and during these activities, people love to listen to podcasts.

There is a growing audience who consume hours of audio content daily and they want to listen to great podcasts. Unlike watching videos or reading blogs, your audience can listen to podcasts wherever they go. All they need is to plug in those headsets. It helps them continue to be engaged and entertained without straining their eyes. Podcasts are a simple way of making rich, meaningful bonds where your audience builds a lasting trust in you.  

Building the trust of your listeners is the root of flourishing in the long run.

We’ll see more podcast apps in the future, formats that appeal to wider audiences, and the content will trend towards mainstream tastes. We’ll continue to see the atomization of audio content i.e. repurposing content for different audiences. We already have content to meditate to, to brush our teeth to, to sleep to, commute to, to work out to, we can even learn a new language while sipping our coffee. It’s possible there will soon be a piece of content optimized for every part of our day. 

There is scope for everyone to bring out the best of their personalities to the digital audio streaming world of podcasts. Discover what you are good at, launch that podcast, and start your quest for a fulfilling creative journey! 

The times that we are in, podcasts can be recorded remotely.

In fact, if you have an idea and want to get started on your podcast, speak to our co-founder Saurabh on Twitter and he’d help you. As long as you buy him a coffee!

On that note, I will see you next time. 

Happy Podcasting! 

Gratitude and Regards,

Nikita, on behalf of team.

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