It’s about time for a good laugh…

Our top picks of podcasts that are sure to make you laugh, giggle & smile.
Our pick of the best comedy podcasts

Good Morning!

How are you doing this morning? Let’s kick off the weekend with a hit from One Direction.

Why One Direction you ask?

Well, because this week the band celebrated their 10th anniversary!

Do you know what else happened this week?…

IPL 2020! It is rumored that IPL 2020 is set to start on September 19th and will be held in UAE. We might not have the chance to watch it in the stadium, but heck we’ll at least get to enjoy it on screen!

And by any chance, if you’ve missed watching “Indian Matchmaking” on Netflix then do yourself a favor and watch it. Really. So cringy-inducing that it’s actually nice!

The greatest contribution of the show is the trolling it has received and all those memes that can’t seem to make us stop laughing. Like this one…

P.S. What a great line to use during appraisals. 😛

Well now that we’ve highlighted some absolutely random & quirky happenings of this week, let’s get to what this week’s newsletter is all about.

Like we’ve said before… It’s about time for a good laugh! So here’s a bunch of podcast suggestions that are sure to crack you up. Our favorite picks from the Indian comedy scene!

Here we go…

1. Cyrus Says by IVM Podcasts

This podcast is hosted by Cyrus Broacha! Need we say any more? Just tune in for guaranteed laughs as Cyrus chats with guests about life in urban India right from politics, food, politics, sports, civic sense, traffic, kids & everything else in between. With 300 published episodes you will not be running out of content any time soon!

🎧 Listen to it here

2. KaanMasti

Hosted by Hoezaay (Jose Covaco) of “misheard lyrics” fame on Instagram (now also things, feelings & feedback) along with ace comedian Suresh Menon & Cyril Deabro, this is an absolute fun podcast. Don’t take our word for it, give it a listen and you will know. The podcast features work conversations of colleagues working together to create content.

🎧 Listen to it here

3. Our Last Week

Hosted by Anuvab Pal and Kunaal Roy Kapur, this podcast made a comeback in Jan 2020 and is now available exclusively on Spotify. The conversations focus on the events of the bygone week & the hosts try and make sense of all that transpired.

🎧 Listen to it here

4. All India Bakchod

You will definitely not want to miss this one even though this is old. Hosted by Tanmay Bhat & Gursimran Khamba, All India Bakchod is a podcast featuring Tanmay & Khamba’s signature edgy comments on everything that makes its way into the news. They only have 8 episodes but each featuring some great guests. This one will not disappoint.

🎧 Listen to it here

5. Come host one with us?

Uncle Sam Wants YOU! | U.S. Embassy & Consulate in the Republic of ...

So, we are on the lookout for someone to host a comedy podcast with us! Come talk to us 🙂 You will have the widest canvas to create content on!

And, that’s it from us for this week.

If you have a favorite comedy podcast that you think simply must be heard let us know about it in the comments below.

Wishing you all a great weekend ahead.

Until Next Time!

Gratitude and Regards,

Madhu, on behalf of team.


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