Parthip Thyagarajan of Wedding Sutra

“You cannot chase success at the cost of your personal happiness” – Parthip Thyagarajan

Chasing his passion for writing, Parthip Thyagarajan started his career in media with a summer job at The Independent – a newspaper. It is here that he realised his true calling was media and he single mindedly pursued his passion. This led to a 4 year stint with the Times of India Group and then to the genesis of – India’s first Wedding Portal. 

In this episode of Beyond Campus, we chat with Parthip about his journey of transition from a successful corporate career to starting his own dot-com business. Something that Parthip had never thought he would be doing, until a call from a friend swayed his mind!

Launching WeddingSutra in the year 2000 and growing it from a team of 2 to now a team of 30, Parthip talks about his exciting entrepreneurial journey as a publisher and being the voice of India’s Wedding Industry. 

Here are our key takeaways from this conversation: 

  1. Career opportunities for the youth in media & publishing 
  2. The future of the events industry
  3. Chasing happiness and success
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