Geetansh Bamania - the Founder & CEO of RentoMojo

This week on Beyond Campus we are in conversation with Geetansh Bamania – the Founder & CEO of RentoMojo. An IIT-M alumnus & a serial entrepreneur Geetansh is a problem solver. In fact, he is an entrepreneur with a track record of seeking business opportunities in challenges! 

In our candid conversation with Geetansh, we speak to him about his childhood, studying at IIT-M, his journey towards entrepreneurship & starting a cost heavy business & then scaling it to 150x within a span of just 6 years. (Yep, we are referring to RentoMojo) 

Tune in to know all about Geetansh’s journey from being a founder to a CEO. Here are our key takeaways from this episode: 

  1. How to solve capital problems. 
  2. Why & how to approach VC funding. 
  3. The importance of having a shared vision. 
  4. Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.
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