It may sound weird for a sports enthusiast to be in IIT. Right? 

Well, Saumil Majmudar, our guest today, says that it’s possible, and that it’s an excuse kids make, there are a lot of people who balance academics and sports. They can coexist!

Sports have always been a part of his life and it’s something he assumes should be in life always. 

Saumil Majmudar is the Co-founder, CEO and Managing Director of Sportz Village, which aims to get 100 million children to play. Prior to starting Sportz Village, Saumil was the Founder-CEO of QSupport (one of India’s first remote tech support businesses) and worked with Wipro (Global R&D) in the International marketing team.

Saumil holds a B-Tech degree & is a Distinguished Service Alumnus from IIT-Bombay, a PGDM from IIM-Bangalore, a Basic Mountaineering Degree from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (Uttarkashi) & a Black belt in Karate.

Doesn’t it sound incredible? Well that has not been the case from the beginning. 

Tune in to find out how this sports lover had an academic bent to have a science background and finally become an entrepreneur. 

Key takeaways from the show:

*How can Sports & academics co-exist.

*Tips to prepare a business model.

*How to do customer acquisition. 

*What mistakes one must avoid. 

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