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“You can’t build a large company and build for scale without laying the foundations” – Hari T.N

If you are seeking guidance on problem solving or building an organization for scale Hari is the person you should go to. As a part of the management team at various startups, he’s helped shape four successful exits in different industries! 

Hari started his career at Tata Steel as a part of their management trainee program and worked in myriad engineering and project management roles for 11 years before he pivoted towards working in human capital & resources. 

Since then Hari has held leadership roles in HR across organisations including IBM Daksh, Virtusa, Amba Research, Taxi For Sure sms now heading HR at 

And no, that’s not all, Hari is a published author, a mentor and advisor for several startups as well as investment firms and educational institutions. 

In our conversation with Hari we learn about scaling startups and solving problems from a people and process perspective. Here are our key takeaways: 

  1. Are external consultants crucial for change management?
  2. Hiring philosophy of 
  3. Navigating the challenges of a blue-collar workforce. 
  4. Adopting innovation for a consistent customer experience. 
  5. How can early-stage founders approach organisational culture? 
  6. How to make incentive plans work. 
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