Ankur Joshi of Nuclei

It is said that “the secret to life is to fall seven times and get up eight times”. This is especially true if you are an entrepreneur – and our guest this week is a testament to this. 

Growing up in Indore, Ankur Joshi of Nuclei had simple dreams of earning a salary of 2-3 lakhs and living an independent life. To his surprise, his first job via his college placement was with Deutsche Bank with a salary that blew his mind! Nevertheless, 4 years down the line, Ankur felt uninspired and restrained in his job and hence quit to explore new avenues. 

Over some beers with friends he made the bold decision to start his first venture, a food-tech company in Pune. With 3 other co-founders and rating himself a 1 on 10 in business planning, Ankur failed to scale his business, learning some valuable lessons in the process. 

Not defeated by his failure, he launched his second venture – a tech product that was aimed at the Pharma Industry. But it was not long before Ankur realised his solution while a great product lacked the potential to be scaled. And he had to quit again. 

Still determined to keep going, he moved to Bangalore and started working for Tapzo. A company that was India’s first all-in-one app product. Although unprofitable, Tapzo was eventually acquired by Amazon. 

By now Ankur had already seen a few failures. However, with failure comes learning, and after all the setbacks Ankur had faced he had some solid learnings to back him up. Thus with an undeterred spirit, and powered by his learnings Ankur once again started a new tech venture – Nuclei. 

Today Nuclei is going strong with several clients not just in India but also in SEA and Middle East. Their vision – “To build a well respected global product company out of India.”

Tune into our candid conversation with Ankur to know more about his journey – about all the ups and the downs. Here are our key takeaways from this chat: 

  1. Is it wise to have multiple Co-Founders?
  2. Should one start a business with friends?
  3. How to get VC funding in the early stages of your business. 
  4. Ankur’s learnings that are now his guiding principles. 
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