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It is said that failure is the stepping stone to success, and that failures must be embraced. Our conversation with Ambarish Gupta of Knowlarity drives this home. 

Born into a business family of Kanpur, Ambarish had an early introduction to profit and loss as he helped around in his father’s shop. He was equally immersed in the world of academics and graduated from IIT Kanpur, aspiring to make an impact in the real world. 

Before taking his first job as a software engineer in Australia and later the USA, Ambarish interned and backpacked through Germany. However Ambrish was passionate about doing more and making an impact and thus left his job in the US to return to Bangalore and start his first venture. 

However Ambarish’s startup did not take off and despite a year and half worth of effort he had to eventually let go to pursue a different path. Failure did not dampen his spirit. He took lessons. He went on to do his MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, followed it up with a solid stint at McKinsey & Company before Ambarish came back to India for the second innings. 

Achieving his first sale before his company was incorporated, building a product within 72 hours and growing this venture 60X in 6 years, Ambarish wrote the script for the largest Cloud Telephony company in Asia – Knowlarity.

Ambarish is now the Founder & CEO of Basis Vectors, a private equity investment firm that invests and accelerates growth of lower-mid market vertical SaaS companies. Tune into our conversation with Ambrish to know more about: 

  1. What not to do when starting a new venture 
  2. Why should you become a Founder 
  3. What are the things he considers when making an investment
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