Rishabh Chopra

“I believe little in luck & more in working hard & getting something done” – Rishabh Chopra

In this episode of Founder Thesis we talk Rishabh Chopra, the founder of The Ayurveda Experience (Transformative Learning Solutions). An alum of the prestigious student run global organisation AIESEC, Rishabh started his career here beginning as a volunteer and moving on to be elected to run the local chapter in Delhi, the national chapter from Mumbai & finally as an integral part of their Global offices as the Global VP of external relations. 

Having always aspired to be an entrepreneur, Rishabh returned to India to start a venture of his own. After several failed attempts & a few small wins in the ed-tech sector Rishabh’s hardwork led him to Ayurveda. 

Through Transformative Learning Solutions, Rishabh took the knowledge & benefits of Ayurveda across borders to the West & has since grown the business through diversification into ecommerce, recording a 70 Crore turnover in the last year. 

Tune into Rishabh’s story of taking Ayurveda to the West and operating a successful global business out of India. Here are our key takeaways from this episode: 

  • Rishabh’s experience at AIESEC & the impact it had in shaping him as an entrepreneur & leader. 
  • Choosing the US as a target market for Ayurveda. 
  • How to raise funding & manage the capital raised. 
  • How to retain the best human capital & knowledge in an organisation. 
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Rishabh Chopra
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