We often think or are made to believe that we will have to compromise on those taste buds in order to be fit and look good. But is there a way out for our food to be healthy and yummy at the same time? 

With their Organic Food startup, Slurrp Farm, the two mothers – Shauravi Malik and Meghana Narayan are showing us that the ‘healthy plus yummy’ combination is no longer a far-fetched dream. The duo identified the gap of high-quality packaged food options in the children’s food market in India and deep-dived into making a difference by launching Slurrp Farm in 2016. 

Today on Founder Thesis, we have Shauravi Malik, the co-founder of Slurrp Farm talking about her journey in the FMCG space, and landing on the idea of building a brand that is creating a positive impact in the lives of children by introducing them with healthy eating choices. She is a conscious-eater herself. 

Shauravi comes from an elite educational background, holding a Master’s degree in Economics from Cambridge University and a BA in Economics from the St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. 

She is fun and pragmatic. With no background in food manufacturing, and no one to guide her to the shortcuts of success, here she is, with a food brand of her own. In this episode, she shares exciting anecdotes from her work life, personal stories, taking risks, exploring uncharted territories, and finding her passion to bring about change in the eating habits of an Indian consumer. She tells us that the ultimate hack is none other than the ‘Grandma’s Kitchen.’

Listen to the full episode to enrich your understanding of wholesome nutrition for children, to explore the evolution of food and eating habits and how your business idea makes a larger impact in the lives of your consumers. 

Key highlights from the episode

  • ‘Children food’ as a category in a developing country like India. 
  • Why is Market Research so important?
  • Realising what food is pure, and what is poison. 
  • Challenges of Scaling Up! 
  • Understanding your consumers. Feedback is the hero. 
  • Embracing Digital Platforms. 

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