Investment banker, active seed investor, problem solver and now a founder. Our guest today has worn numerous hats, but her greatest adventure yet is the one that’s allowing her to fulfil her entrepreneurial dreams. 

Always driven by a passion to do something for other businesses, Founder of Kodo, Deepti Sanghi is making finance simple for startups and businesses. Imagine being a founder of a new startup and being able to get a corporate credit card in less than 3 minutes! 

Sounds too good to be true right? But that’s exactly what Kodo is all about. Their mission is to empower businesses to scale new heights through their corporate card and integrated expense management tool. 

In this episode our host Akshay sits down for a candid conversation with Deepti where she shares about her early days as an Investment banker, how she coped with the economic meltdown and finally pivoted towards fin-tech. 

Do watch out for the part where Deepti shares her fascinating journey through Japan that inspired the name for the fin-tech startup. 

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