Episode 7 Beyond Campus

“AR is the most powerful thing people are using during COVID-19” – Meghna Saraogi

An Indore girl with aspirations of becoming the next M.F.Hussain to leading the AR revolution in the jewellery retail industry – we speak to Meghna Saraogi about studying at a design school, becoming a graphic designer, starting a fashion social network & then taking a leap into the world of retail-tech. 

Meghna’s journey from design to tech was a product of her fashion insecurities that she turned into an opportunity. She was a total stranger to all things tech, but had a burning conviction of creating a product that adds value & set out on a journey to create an app that would solve it’s users fashion dilemmas – StyleDotMe. 

But Meghna’s entrepreneurial journey had its fair share of challenges and it was when StyleDotMe was running short of funds, Meghna pivoted & introduced a revolutionary AR tech-powered product Mirrar, that is set to disrupt the way consumers shop. 

Having seen success in the jewellery industry Meghna now has her goals set on other segments such as eyewear & wristwatches. 

Here are our key takeaways from this exciting conversation with Meghna: 

  • The experience of studying in a design school. 
  • How to seek mentorship & co-founders. 
  • Starting a career in AR.
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Meghna Saraogi
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