Tonmoy Singhal

“You can’t change what the market wants, you can only serve what the market wants” – Tanmoy Shingal. 

For this week’s Founder Thesis episode, we sat down for a conversation with Tanmoy Shingal the co-founder of HF-tech SAAS platform, Mettl. A tech solution that changed the way organisations hire talent. 

We talk to Tanmoy about the genesis of Mettl to its stupendous growth to finally being acquired by Mercer & everything else in between. This has been one of the most exciting entrepreneurial journeys we’ve heard so far on this show – and how could it not be? Mettl’s stakeholders got a 7x on their investments as they exited!!

Here are the key takeaways from our discussion: 

  • An 80/20 approach towards enriched learning. 
  • How to find your life’s calling. 
  • Raising funds for the startup & the two types of VC investors. 
  • Adapting your product as you grow to achieve the right product-market fit. 
  • Scaling by being frugal on marketing spends. 
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Tonmoy Shingal Tonmoy is the co-founder at Mettl

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Candid conversations with some of the most celebrated startup founders of our nation. On Founder Thesis we are on mission to uncover the secrets to building a Unicorn!


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