This week on Founder Thesis podcast host Akshay Datt is in conversation with Hemant Kanoria – Chairman at SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited.

A pioneer in the field of infrastructure finance, Hemant started SREI in 1989 and in the last two and half decades has scaled it to be India’s largest integrated infrastructure institutions with an asset base of around USD 5.5 billion. 

But that’s not all, Hemant Kanoria, is also known for his role in creating a wave of rural entrepreneurs through the IT-enabled Sahaj service centre initiative that has created over 50000 village-level entrepreneurs. 

Tune in as this pioneer & thought leader shares his growth story, enjoying the roller coaster journey of managing businesses and about having a solution-oriented mindset. 

Our key takeaways from this episode are: 

* How to build an institution with an engaged & loyal workforce. 

* Decision-making framework for investing & disinvesting. 

* How to deal with large scale external set-backs, such as, the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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