Sachin Bhatia

This week on Founder Thesis Akshay Datt is in conversation with serial entrepreneur and investor Sachin Bhatia. You may know him best for his stint as the Co-Founder and CMO at Make My Trip. However Sachin is also the Co-Founder of online dating site and, his latest venture, 

Bulbul is a revolutionary video commerce platform that is redefining online shopping by making it fun, engaging and social. At Bulbul, their network of ‘‘experts’, showcase and explain various products and the features in different Indian languages! 

In this episode, Sachin shares his journey from his first job as a sales executive selling water to being a serial founder. Tune in to get inspired and learn from one of the best brains in marketing. 

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Candid conversations with some of the most celebrated startup founders of our nation. On Founder Thesis we are on mission to uncover the secrets to building a Unicorn!


Akshay has held a lifelong fascination with the people who dare to disrupt, and with The Podium, he hopes to discover what makes one a successful disruptor.


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