“A global event changes the way people live, behave and consume.”

Our guest today on Beyond Campus, Ratnesh Verma, founder of Pidge, is someone who reinvented himself after reaching the peaks of the corporate world. Pidge is an on-demand, safe & secure, delivery ecosystem. 

Ratnesh grew up in an academically oriented atmosphere, with a lot of emphasis on education. He graduated from University of Delhi, while simultaneously pursuing a professional degree in corporate and economic laws. He then went on to complete The Stanford LEAD, an extensive one-year long program on corporate innovation from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. 

He believed that gaining work experience could help him accumulate larger perspectives as well as knowledge of the real world and didn’t want to get degrees for the sake of getting degrees. 

He knew it would add more to his learning.

His first most professional role was at Hyatt Regency, Delhi as a financial controller, and he continued working there for 21 years. This opportunity opened ways to exceptional learning experiences and continued motivating him to always try his best and push boundaries. 

He was the first Indian to have been given an opportunity to work at Hyatt internationally. Working for internal and external audits, he lived out of a suitcase.

Ratnesh talks about his remarkable life experiences, how marriage played an influential role in his life, his defining moments, turning points, his professional journey across the spectrum of hotels, lessons on starting up, and how COVID-19 has impacted the hotel business. 

Listen to the entire conversation full of inspirational anecdotes and bright entrepreneurial insights. 

Key takeaways:

  • Experiential offerings for consumers. 
  • Value chain hotels and focusing on building consistent products. 
  • Impact of COVID on the hotel industry. 
  • Man is a social animal, and travel will not go anywhere.
  • Adapters will be the survivors and those who don’t adapt will perish. 
  • Running a hotel in a post-COVID world.
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