Hitesh Dhingra of The Man Company

It pays to stay authentic and talk to millennials in the language they understand” – Hitesh Dhingra. 

Hitesh Dhingra is the founder of The Man Company – an exclusive men’s only grooming brand. He is a 4x Entrepreneur who has been a pioneer across various industries. Right from starting an eCommerce site, a dating site & now The Man Company Hitesh has a proven track record of identifying unmet consumer needs and capturing the early adopters market. 

In this episode of Beyond Campus, our hosts Akshay is in conversation with Hitesh to learn more about what it takes to capture the millennial market. 

Key takeaways from the show

  1. How to bootstrap and save resources. 
  2. Generating VC Funding. 
  3. How to connect with the Millenial consumer

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