Vikas Bagaria

“The credit goes to my team always. You can not build a brand single-handedly.” – Vikas Bagaria. 

Vikas Bagaria is the founder of Pee Safe – India’s leading personal hygiene brand on a mission to empower women with good health and easy hygiene solutions. With several accolades already under its belt, Pee Safe was recently also awarded as The Best SMB Brand of the Year by Amazon India. 

A serial entrepreneur with over 23 years of business acumen, Vikas believes in leading from the front and never settling or giving up on his goals. In this episode of Founder Thesis, Vikas talks about his entrepreneurial journey & the events that shaped him as a business leader. 

Here are a few key takeaways from the show: 

  • Being persistent in chasing your dreams and never settling for a “No” 
  • Taking failures in stride and treating them as a stepping stone to success. 
  • Not letting your pedigree, race or economic situation define your ability or future. 
  • Leading your team from the front. 
  • How building a B2C brand is a continuous learning process. 
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Vikas Bagaria

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