We all have that one habit which we’ve developed as kids & that’s still stuck with us even as adults. 

Aprameya Radhakrishna, our guest today, recalls that his childhood habit that stayed with him is observing things around him. A habit which helps him a lot today as an entrepreneur to understand things like consumer behaviour and much more. 

A habit we think made him take notice of the nationwide ban on all Chinese apps & a trend towards building desi apps that truly embrace the made in India motto. 

Having worked for over 5 years in the corporate scene before moving on to being a serial entrepreneur & investor Aprameya is now the Co-founder and CEO of Koo – a microblogging platform for vernacular speakers of India. 

He is making sure that everyone in India is able to make their voice heard. 

Talk about going Vocal for Local! 

Tune in as we take you through Aprameya’s exciting journey & listen to him as he shares pearls of wisdom on starting and scaling businesses. 

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