Today’s episode of Founder Thesis is a story of finding opportunity in adversities & seeking lessons in all the curve balls that life throws at you. 

In what has been one of the most spirited conversations on the show join in as we catch up with Prateek Singh – Founder of over tons of infectious laughter & incredible life experiences. 

Born in Abu Dhabi and educated in Tanzania, Singapore, Malaysia & India Prateek’s multicultural childhood may come across as a dream come true, but each time having to start life from scratch was not an easy task. Especially when it had to be done for difficult reasons. 

But this is when Prateek learnt his people skills. 

Settling in India after living abroad, the transition was difficult for a young Prateek and he could not pursue schooling any further. This is when the 8th grader turned into a financial trader! 

A job at a call centre that sold travel packages is where Prateek learnt what he considers to be one of the most valuable skills to have – sales. 

After numerous odd jobs, four failed attempts at entrepreneurship and tons of learning along the way, Prateek then founded 

Tune in as we speak to Prateek about his early years, how he overcame self-doubt, and what led to the genesis of LearnApp – an E-learning platform for high-quality financial education taught by veterans. His failures building the platform and genie & lamp framework that he used to build a scalable business model. 

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Candid conversations with some of the most celebrated startup founders of our nation. On Founder Thesis we are on mission to uncover the secrets to building a Unicorn!


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