“In India, dining out is an event, smallest of things can ruin it, and smallest of things can make it better”– Ankit Mehrotra

When his fear of failure vanished with one examination, a spark of entrepreneurship was ignited.

This South Delhi boy’s story of an engineering degree,  love for finance, days of doing odd jobs to survive and culminating into a successful investment banker is one for the movies. The young man however has been experimenting with business since his early days.

Ankit Mehrotra is a University Of Essex alumni with a degree in Engineering and is a CFA by qualification and is a co-founder of Dine Out, one of India’s largest Dining out and Restaurant Tech platform operating across the B2C and B2B domain processing more than 100M diners and $800 worth of transactions across its network of 50,000 partner restaurants in 20 cities. 

In this episode of Founder Thesis, Ankit talks about being a young professional during the 2008 recession, conceptualising Dine Out, starting out, acquisitions and creating an ecosystem for the food industry.

Key TakeAways: 

  • Taking an idea from concept to business; 
  • Common mistakes that start-ups may make; 
  • Maintaining the vision of your business; 
  • Understanding your niche and 
  • Creating new avenues within your industry;
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Ankit Mehrota

About Founder Thesis

Candid conversations with some of the most celebrated startup founders of our nation. On Founder Thesis we are on mission to uncover the secrets to building a Unicorn!


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