This week on Beyond Campus we are in conversation with Ajay Bulusu the Co-Founder@ NextBillion AI. 

Ajay’s story starts much like the story of any South Indian Bhramin boy in Hyderabad – pursuing engineering. Studying in the UK and passing out during recession Ajay talks about getting his first job on his own merit. 

Albeit at a small firm, but with Ajay’s determination to make it large it was not long before he worked for big names such as Google, Indeed, American Express & Grab. 

With a career spanning across the globe right from the US to Tokyo Ajay shares some great stories about his time in Google, working in Tokyo and building up map technology from the ground up at Grab. 

Tune in as Ajay shares more about the genesis of NextBillion AI & shares some harsh truths about entrepreneurship. 

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