Satya Narayanan R

“I am not the guy who makes the choice happen to him, I must make the choice” – Satya Narayanan R. 

In this episode we talk to Satya Narayanan R, the Founder & Chairman of what you could say is India’s original ed-tech venture – CL Educate, better known as Career Launcher. Satya is not just an entrepreneur but also a teacher – something that he believes runs in his DNA!

Satya candidly shares his incredible journey that began in the summer of 1985 in Meerut with Satya as a shy young boy with aspirations of becoming a cricketer to starting CL with a handful of students in 1994 at the age of 24 & to raising capital via an IPO. 

With humorous anecdotes from his early life, to his views on the quality of education at top b-schools, his take on entrepreneurship today and answering tough questions about size & scale v/s sustainability, tune in to get inspired by Satya & his stories of the choices he made in life. 

Our key takeaways from this conversation are…

  • Making acquisitions in early years of venture. 
  • Practicing situational leadership to get the best out of every employee. 
  • Chasing sustainability over size & scale. 
  • Importance of an IPO. 

Production Credits: 

Host: Akshay Datt 

Show Editors: Nandini Kamat Kunte & Vanya Shruti 

Additional Vocals: Vanya Shruti

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Satya Narayanan R
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