Vivek Kaul - Bad Money

Bad Money, the latest book of Vivek Kaul is an important title for the way its author discloses the history of the Indian Economy and Banking system we never knew about, and discusses why it is important to be aware of where your money goes. 

In this episode of India Booked, Ayushi Mona discusses with him what constitutes bad money, what the transition has been like from the banking systems in the past to the current ones, and how important is it to know where your money is safe and unsafe. In this episode, he also unfolds how bad money affects the economy, layer by layer and shares with the listeners his recommendations on books related to economy and other structures. Tune in!

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About India Booked

A podcast that uses literature as a lever to bring multiple facets of India alive. A perfect podcast for bibliophiles, trivia junkies and people interested in learning more about India.