We have all been lost at some point in our lives, uncertain of things and trying to figure it all out at the same time. 

Growing up in Mumbai and coming from a business family, today’s guest on Founder Thesis is someone who has a passion for creating stuff and building products. Someone fascinated by the possibilities of the Internet, Mayank Bidawatka, always thought of new things and ideas that can be shaped into reality through the digital medium. 

He joined a residential MBA program at Asina Institute of Management based in the Philippines. Curious and experimental by nature, Mayank has always worked upon breaking out of his comfort zone. He speaks about his diversified, life-changing experience of living and studying abroad. 

However, he always wanted to come back to his own country, pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions and establish work in India. Being the co-founder of Koo India, he is giving voice to a billion Indians via the micro-blogging platform. On the other hand, Mayank is providing solutions through the Q&A based knowledge-sharing platform Vokal India, catering to the Indian language user. 

In this episode, he talks about his early working experiences, media and advertising days, redBus, lessons and takeaways, dreaming big, scaling up, and building tremendous value. 

Tune in to the full conversation. 

Key takeaways from the episode: 

  1. Working in the Startup Culture.
  2. Making it easy for businesses to interact with users.
  3. Breaking the language barrier and creating multilingual solutions via Vokal. 
  4. Creating tools that bridge the language gap for the Indian Content Creator.
  5. The three main things to focus on as an Angel Investor. 

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