As an IIT Bombay graduate in metallurgical engineering and materials science, trying to figure out his way through life, he was not really sure what he wanted to choose as his field of work per se. A problem-solver, Harsh Shah is always thriving and striving to make an impact. In this episode, he shares with us personal and professional experiences he encountered during his quest. 

Starting Fynd and building it through thick and thin, he takes us back to the process of it, sharing profound insights on how he garnered his way to a successful e-commerce business.  

He is committed to building a seamless consumer experience and revolutionising retail-tech. 

Let’s hear him speak about anything and everything from taking the business live to building strong collaborations, a hyper local presence, building a quality catalog, scaling up, and much more on how the e-commerce model works. 

Key Insights: 

  • Creating customer engagement 
  • Analysing consumer behaviour 
  • Creating seamless shopping experience
  • Raising funds for a retail-tech business 
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Akshay has held a lifelong fascination with the people who dare to disrupt, and with The Podium, he hopes to discover what makes one a successful disruptor.


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