Beyond Campus Episode 3

I do not limit myself from thinking insane things, and trying to figure a logic on if you can do it” – Nakul Kumar 

Nakul Kumar is the Co-founder of Cashify, a recommerce leader in India with a focus on smartphones. Nakul is an MDI Gurgaon graduate and a serial entrepreneur. His first business was in the waste management domain where Nakul successfully started and managed the operations of a waste management plant and made gold from garbage. 

Today Cashify is the official buyback partner for top brands in smartphones such as Apple, Samsung & Xiaomi to name a few. Apart from buyback they also sell refurbished smartphones, smartphone accessories & smartphone repairs. Originated in 2013 Cashify now has over 15 Lakh customers & over 1 Million App Downloads. 

In this episode on Beyond Campus podcast, Nakul talks about starting a business as a freshly graduated student without a clear business plan or any funding options. Nakul’s power-packed story is guaranteed to inspire many to set upon their own entrepreneurial journey. 

Key takeaways from the show

  • How to start a business without a concrete business plan or funding. 
  • How to build credibility as a domain expert when you are just a fresh graduate. 
  • How to raise VC Funding through networking events. 
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs on coming up with new business ideas.
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