We are in conversation with Bedabrata Pain, a.k.a, Dr. Pain who’s list of accolades reads like an encyclopaedia. A former IITian, a NASA scientist and has more than 75 patents to his name! In fact, one of his inventions is used by most of us on a daily basis. Guess which one? 

Wait. That’s not all. He’s also a screenwriter, a director and producer. 

In this episode of Upgrade with Nakul, we talk to Dr. Pain and talk about things as wide as Einstein to education system to digital world to AI and his crazy Idea of making films from the comfort of your home. Tune in to find out Dr. Pain’s logic on how science and philosophy go together and why we need to create problems and not solutions!

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Upgrade With Nakul

About Upgrade With Nakul

Hosted by Nakul Kumar Co-Founder of Cashify, this a podcast about technology in our lives.