Presenting a soul conversation over coffee with Sapna Sondhi Dutt, founder of ‘Yoga With Sapna’.

Sapna is a long-time practitioner and teacher of yoga. She teaches from her studio in Gurgaon and believes in teaching yoga as a wholesome experience, incorporating asanas, vinyasas, pranayama, relaxation techniques, meditation, mudras, and other yogic ‘kriyas’ and drills within her regular classes.

Sapna has created (choreographed) several of her own unique yoga vinyasa sequences which are available to all, free of charge, on YouTube or via her website, to use as do-along exercise modules. Besides these, there are videos on pranayama and other yogic topics.

Sapna conducts custom-designed workshops for corporate and other groups held either at her studio or the preferred location of her patrons. These would cover a range of topics, the popular ones being…

  • yoga for senior executives (gentle yoga)
  • yoga for stress relief
  • yoga for a strong respiratory system
  • office yoga
  • yoga for back ailments
  • yoga for diabetes
  • yoga for heart ailments
  • yoga for cancer patients
  • pregnancy yoga

& others such as yoga and understanding the Elements and yoga and a healthy diet.

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Soulbrews With Sheba Podcast
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