Presenting a special soul conversation over coffee with Yash Kumar.

Fun, Quirky, Driven-to-do-good?

How do you describe a 19-year-old who has grown up battling a number of issues and is already on his path to helping others? Affected by a mix of ADHD, Dyslexia, and some other challenges since he was a child, Yash has been pushing on to spread awareness about syndromes and special needs in an effort to create a more inclusive and supportive world.

Not fazed by medical setbacks caused by an Auto-Immune disorder and a heart surgery as well, all before the age of 14, Yash has completed his diploma in Business Administration from PSB Academy in Singapore. He has also just completed 2 months of Basic Military Training and he is now engaged in National Service for the next 2 years in Singapore.

A friendly, social, and helpful person, Yash can often be found conversing with people he meets in their own language. With his never-give-up attitude, his heartfelt desire to do something for people with special needs, and his eagerness and dedication to do something about it, he is a gift to the world.

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Sheba is a seasoned CXO coach, an observer of people, and collector of stories. She is a firm believer that all individuals can maximize their potential and has dedicated her career to this belief. She has three decades of experience with coaching and change management across CXOs and executive teams. She has helped executives excel not just in India, but globally, including Papua New Guinea.


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