“Building a product and building an organisation are two different things,” says Abhinav Jain, our guest today.  

A bunch of people were very excited about technology in school, they created a computer programming club. Somebody who was always up for honing new skills and specialising new crafts beyond engineering, not worried about books. Fundamentally, he always knew that he wanted to set up his venture from scratch.

He describes his 5 years at IIT, things he learned and from running different clubs to organising college fests, he shares some beautiful experiences of life at campus. 

Graduating from IIM Ahmedabad, consulting was something that interested him. Abhinav Jain talks about his different projects he explored in the 4 years spent at Bain. From what gave him a nudge to start his entrepreneurial journey at Shop101 and Dash101, the challenges he faced to figuring out innovative solutions in a startup ecosystem, he has some intriguing insights to share. 

Listen to the entire conversation of Founder Thesis on building a product from scratch.

IG: @thepodium.in

Web: thepodium.in

Key takeaways:

  • Life skills an entrance exam teaches.
  • Hacks for polishing communication skills, structuring your thoughts and delivery.
  • Building a product and building an organisation. 
  • Consulting as a career and making an impact. 
  • What does a consultant bring to the table. 
  • Building Social Commerce.

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