Someone who quit his well paying job at a billion-dollar company in order to make the heartland of India a financially stable place. Our guest today on Beyond Campus is Manish Kothari, the man on a mission to create an investment mindset in the people of India. His venture, Zfunds, is successfully selling financial services. 

Growing up in a Marwari family hailing from the city of Kolkata, he was always aiming for starting his own business one day. He recollects his corporate days, where he worked in companies like Citibank, IIFL, and was the business head for mutual funds at PolicyBazaar before starting Zfunds

In this episode, Manish shares with us his expertise in banking, investing, insurance, financial advising and mutual funds. With a vision to educate more and more people, he wishes to expand the overall investor base and encourage consumers to invest their wealth properly. 

Tune in to the full conversation for insightful facts from the man disrupting the Indian investment mindset. 

From the Episode: 

  • What an MBA teaches you, beyond academics
  • How to invest your wealth in the right place 
  • Understanding ‘mutual funds
  • How to scale up the mutual fund distribution space
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