Beyond Campus Episode 1

“Culture ke naam pe dresscode chipkana – is not something I am a big fan off!” – Pranay Prakash. 

From a student who had to drop out of his military training due to an injury, to starting his first job as a field recruiter and the journey that he took to becoming the Head of Supply Chain HR at Delhivery (India’s leading fulfilment platform for digital commerce). Here is Pranay Prakash’s success story captured through a candid interview on the Beyond Campus podcast. 

Here are the key takeaways from this episode: 

  • How young graduates & freshers can shape their careers 
  • Using technology as an enabler to empower existing workforce & systems
  • Insights into logistics operations as a career path
  • Two key soft skills required to excel in the logistics industry.
  • Bringing equality & breaking stereotypes in recruitment
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Beyond Campus Podcast

About Beyond Campus

A platform to inspire students and young professionals to think beyond traditional career options that are typically imposed on them!


Akshay has held a lifelong fascination with the people who dare to disrupt, and with The Podium, he hopes to discover what makes one a successful disruptor.


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