Someone with no prior experience in media whatsoever, he has garnered a unique path of his own, helping Indian millennials with ‘all things finance’. No matter how bumpy the road gets, our guest today keeps moving forward with a determined mindset. 

Finshotshas now 2,00,000+ subscriber base and the community continues to grow. ‘Finshots’ are 3-min fun, crisp and insightful reads on a variety of news and discussions from across the nation and globe. 

In this episode, the co-founder of Finshots, Bhanu, spills the beans, talks about his engineering days from IIT Roorkee, his rigorous interview experience at IIMA and where the idea of Finshots stemmed from. An IIMA alumnus, he would read business and finance news during his prep for the CAT exam. 

He is making financial news simple and accessible, educating people through the 3-minute long daily newsletter on the most important Financial and Business buzz in an easily understandable language. A man with a calm demeanour, he takes us through his journey of building a content platform from getting it off the ground and breathing it into existence. 

Key Takeaways From The Episode:

  • Teamwork and complimenting each other’s strengths. 
  •  Lessons on Market Research and Analysis.
  •  Learnings from growing a content platform from scratch.
  •  Creating short-form content and building a strong subscriber base. 
  •  Financial Advisory and targeting a potential audience.

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