Dhiraj Rajaram of MuSigma

“The rate of increase of data is very high, but the rate of increase of noise is much higher!” – Dhiraj Rajaram

In a world of knock-off ideas it is refreshing to come across originality and ideas that are truly authentic. Our conversation with Dhiraj Rajaram, the Founder of Mu Sigma was one such refreshing moment, punctuated with a lot of laughter over curious analogies. 

We spoke of Dhiraj’s childhood & genesis of Mu Sigma – a Big Data Analytics & Data Sciences Company that is powered by Dhiraj’s vision of transformative interaction based problem solving perspective. With a unicorn status in the USA and over 140 Fortune 500 companies as their clients, Mu Sigma is an amalgamation of design, research & data. 

As a child, Dhiraj was an ardent movie buff & a die-hard cricket enthusiast. However, he had an ever-wandering mind and a childhood that was challenging & different from most kids. But, as Dhiraj says, “Pain is a gift. It does sculpt you.”

And it did. Shaped by the early lessons he learned in life, Dhiraj had a successful corporate career working for PwC and then Booz Allen Hamilton. However, the drive to do more and to do things differently took precedence, and Dhiraj took the bold step of investing his life savings into his own startup – Mu Sigma. Onboarded Microsoft as his first client and the rest is history!

Tune in to our enriching chat with this pioneering thought leader to know more about his thoughts on innovation, learning, and embracing uncertainties.

Of the many things we learnt, here are our key takeaways from this episode:

  1. The ecosystem required to nurture innovation. 
  2. Interaction-based problem-solving. 
  3. How to make high-value B2B sales.
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Dhiraj Rajaram Dhiraj Rajaram, Founder, Mu Sigma

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