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In this episode we talk to Satya Narayanan R, the Founder & Chairman of what you could say is India’s original ed-tech venture – CL Educate, better known as Career Launcher. Satya is not just an entrepreneur but also a teacher – something that he believes runs in his DNA!

Satya candidly shares his incredible journey that began in the summer of 1985 in Meerut with Satya as a shy young boy with aspirations of becoming a cricketer to starting CL with a handful of students in 1994 at the age of 24 & to raising capital via an IPO. 

With humorous anecdotes from his early life, to his views on the quality of education at top b-schools, his take on entrepreneurship today and answering tough questions about size & scale v/s sustainability, tune in to get inspired by Satya & his stories of the choices he made in life. 

Our key takeaways from this conversation are…

  1. Making acquisitions in early years of venture. 
  2. Practicing situational leadership to get the best out of every employee. 
  3. Chasing sustainability over size & scale. 
  4. Importance of an IPO. 

Production Credits: 

Host: Akshay Datt

Show Editors: Nandini Kamat Kunde & Vanya Shruti 

Additional Vocals: Vanya Shruti

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