Bharat Sethi - Founder CEO of Rage Coffee

Starting his first venture at the age of 16, selling art online on Ebay, our guest this week is someone who has always aspired to be an entrepreneur. Now a serial entrepreneur with 2 successful businesses, this curious minded and bold leader is set to conquer the challenging market of instant coffee with a D2C brand that is all the rage since its very inception! 

Well, we are in conversation with Bharat Sethi – Founder CEO of Rage Coffee. Tune into our candid conversation as Bharat talks about starting his first business as a student, about his life in college, travelling to Russia for summer school, the inception of PosterGully – an online consumer brand for millennials to shop clothing, wall decor affordable art. 

Bharat shares some riveting stories of sleepless nights and his constant hustle to grow PosterGully to 15 Million unique visitors then exiting the company through a successful acquisition. 

He further talks about his second venture – iDecorama, a company he grew to 7x revenues, the genesis of newest venture – Rage coffee and his vision to create a Rs. 500 Cr ARR company by 2025.

Our key takeaways from this conversation: 

  1. The impact of non-academic learning of a college education. 
  2. An entrepreneur’s experience of raising capital and; 
  3. Bharat’s take on fund-raising how to approach big investors.
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