BTS: Making of a podcast

Behind The Scenes of what does it take to make a kick-ass podcast!

So, what can a podcast offer?

In our experience, it helps you build a healthy network with some amazing people. You get to have conversations with smart people about things that are important to you! You hear their ideas. You throw the ones you have. And you see what sticks. And then you repeat.

Wonderful. No?

Oh, a podcast also helps build camaraderie with your audience like no other platform can offer. It is the new-age medium that allows you to reach a new set of people that, typically, you can’t reach through any other platform. You derive so much listening pleasure that comes out as a result of unprecedented rants and vulnerable conversations!

Yes, Podcasts are the new Content King. 

So….. hello, Binge-listeners and Podcast enthusiasts!

This piece is dedicated to the hustle and bustle and what goes behind making a podcast. We, at The Podium, are lifelong learners and we believe that by sharing these with you, we can give you some perspective on what it takes to build one.

Here we go.

A. Breaking the ice. 

Whether you use a script to record the conversation or you are just talking into the microphone, how you start your podcast, the intro, is very crucial. How are you going to break the ice (with both the guest and your audience) and really engage your listeners depends heavily on your intro. 

After all, it is the first thing your listeners will hear. 

If it’s boring or bad, why would they continue? There are as many podcasts as there are voices. Other shows are just a click away. You better be kickass with your intro! The podcast intros set the stage for the show, help create a bond with the listener, bring new listeners in, and of course, showcase the personality of your show. 

B. Think Structure.

Breaking down your podcast into segments really helps.

You don’t need to make a script and follow it to the T. A simple guide with key points is all you need. Even if you have the gift of the gab, you can’t just start blabbering and see where it goes!

So, do think about structure. And don’t forget to have fun!

Once you are enjoying what you do, your passion can help you stand out.

C. Uncovering new learnings.

Your podcast is much more than the episodes you create and release each week. Each part is like a piece of the puzzle that you need to solve as you plan for your podcast’s success. These pieces range from your content to the title of your podcast to even the logo of your podcast.

All these pieces are required to get you to get the most from your podcast.

And what do you want from it?

Learning Experiences! There is always an exchange of knowledge happening behind the scenes. Many new things are uncovered which you probably never thought of when you planned the conversation.

Each guest has something unique to offer.

A podcast allows you to meet and talk with some of the most incredible people (and if you are lucky, you can become friends as well!)

And of course, the prep work that goes in before each episode to learn about your guests (and what makes them unique can not be understated!). The research is imperative.

D. Build your personal brand.

Podcasts and audio-first consumption is clearly exploding, and they’re probably the best way to create content for your business, product, service, or brand. A podcast can be the perfect companion to your brand – if you do it the right way.   

And how do you make sure yours stand out?

So, your brand is your vision and you need to create a unique one. We could write a bible on this, to be honest, but in one line, it is an extension of your personality. And your podcast needs to bring out your personality. You want your listeners to understand what your podcast is hoping to achieve and they have to be drawn in even before they hear it. Things like episode titles, episode descriptions, podcast logo are vital to the success of your podcast and your brand. You have to invest time and effort to get this going.

At the end of the day, your audience desire a good experience.

As we end this piece, here is a pro tip. Feed the right information. Educate your listeners. Know your audience and provide insights into your audience’s interests. 

Yeah, that’s a lot of responsibility.

But then, such is life! You don’t get things by playing it safe.

Hope you go forth and make an awesome show. In case you need more help, do write to us and we’d love to extend whatever support we can.

Until next time… 

Oh, please do write in and tell us what would you like to read about in the next editions of the newsletter.

Gratitude and Regards,

Nikita, on behalf of The Podium team.

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