Being (simply) woman.

Lets celebrate Sisterhood too.

The one for the women, by the women 🙂

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Here we go again.

This time, the letter is from The Podium’s women at work! Yay!

Now as the title suggests, one thing is obvious. If you are a woman, this is for you. But this is also for you if you are blessed with the beautiful feminine energy in your life! In this issue, we are celebrating women. Or shall I put it this way- “the essence of being a woman”. Simply woman. 

Allow me to go a bit off-topic, but I promise you will relate to this. We Indians get so excited about every little festivity and as a matter-of-fact, there are like 30 of these and there’s one almost every month! And we are experts at it – so much so that we need the silliest of excuse and you will find us celebrating, dancing, singing, and yelling (happy yelling!). Frankly, some of these festivals don’t even make sense but we, the jolly Indians, still wanna eat the lip-smacking, Indian mithais. Nothing can beat the Garma-garam Gulab Jamun with a tablespoon or two of rabri topping it! Yum!

Getting back on the track. Lemme talk about what it is like being simply a woman!

Commemorating the life of an ordinary woman.

Celebrating the uniqueness and differences alike.

Embracing the mood swings, the crankiness, the weirdness that comes with leading a normal woman’s life.

No, I am not talking about feminism or women empowerment, because I want this letter to reach the simple yet passionate heart of the woman next door. You might find this piece at a point in time when you really need to hear it said out loud from another woman.

So let’s get right into it.

“ A woman is like a vibrant cocktail. Let’s embrace every flavour she has to offer.”

1. This one’s for our Girlfriends (thank god for them .. *sigh*)!

A sister from another mother. We all have her. She is our go-to person when any major drama happens in life. Basically, she is that life jacket which helps us sail through the bad days. Someone who is always there to hand over those tissues, someone with whom we can cry like a child. Our girlfriends. Yes, an ordinary woman’s extraordinary asset. Wine or Dine, Weekend getaway, or a shopping spree, Netflixing, or long reading hours at a cafe, everything is flawless in her company.

You had an ugly fight with your boyfriend or that irritating relative passed a nasty remark (again!!!)? Our girlfriends are all ears, ready to hear us vent for hours. Thank God for them, seriously.

Enough of “Do ladkiyon ki Kabhi ban nahi Sakti” comments. Time to change the conversation and embrace sisterhood. Our sisters are our support systems, we laugh, we cry, we rant, we share our success as well as failure stories, we support, we have “healthy” discussions over wine, and this is what it is. This is how it has always been. Come rain or shine, we are always there when the other one needs us. These are female friendships. Missing your girlfriends much? The good news is… I have this heart-warming podcast for you on Girl friendships. So enjoy and set your spirits high!

2. One for the dear Aunties & Uncles (coz how on earth can they let us forget them)

Warning! Danger ahead! Uncles and aunties, beware! (no offense please)

Let me tell you about these uncles and aunties, who take so much interest in our lives. I mean, all their time (vella time) is spent on commenting on the kind of dresses we wear or the friends we hang out with. And man! They should become legit storytellers by now. I mean, how good are they at scripting our lives. A big round of applause for their ingenious imagination.

So how do I keep my calm in such situations?

The only way out is to put on those ear-blinders, focus on your goals, and accomplish what they never saw coming. And by no chance am I saying that your sole purpose has to be to prove THEM wrong. I am saying, Be unapologetic about your choices. Be you and do you!

That’s the secret to a woman’s glowing skin (Now you know .. *wink-wink*). She seizes the moment and doesn’t let others’ opinions affect her.

3. Hustle and Juggle

The leading lady in my life is my mum. She has given me the strength and confidence to handle things on my own. Being a single mother, she juggles work and house chores. She, I, and my younger brother live together in a metro-city. I have embraced living with her and I have learned the value of being an independent girl in this big world. This big world sometimes takes its toll on you, mentally and physically. But you have to get up the next day, refuel and restart.

“Girls have to go into the world and make up their own minds about things.”

Undaunted and self-sufficient. A woman has this indomitable capability to come back stronger than the previous time, to stand for her values and beliefs, to not settle for less. Then whether it’s finding that perfect apartment, a romantic partner, or the perfect pair of shoes she had been looking for.

We don’t want to settle for less, personally, or professionally.

We keep hustling and we keep juggling!

Here’s a recommendation on a series of episodes where we got talking with these female hustlers:

  1. From a Sous Chef to an AI Ninja
  2. Building Women’s Internet
  3. Revolutionizing Fashion Retail
  4. Making India Shop Smarter
  5. Challenging Traditions & Simplifying Languages

4. On overcoming our ugliest fears

Done this time and again, I just don’t get that adrenaline rush when things are easy and conventional. I would rather want it seemingly tough so there’s joy in chasing it. Well. We have to get out of that self-imposed cocoon to accomplish those badass goals. Unless we do, it is all an illusion.

Being uncomfortable means to let go of the fears that hold us back. Fear is like a mirage. An illusion that keeps us from focusing on the present moment and making the best out of it. When we allow our fears to overwhelm us, we often lose sight of our ultimate goal, our vision blurs out and we are trapped in a web of confusion.

Especially as women, we often face criticism from people around us commenting, “Arey ye toh ladki hai, ye kya business sambhalegi”, “Oh, a female driver!”, “25 saal ki ho Gayi hai, ab toh iske liye koi acha ladka dhundo Warna hath se nikal jayegi” “She is been on her phone all day, who is the guy she is talking with?”…….. And the list is very looooong.

“We gotta make sure our fears don’t become larger than our dreams.”

Time and again, a woman stands up for her rights, for what she deserves.

If you are seeking some motivation this weekend, I would like to recommend these inspiring books I have read over the past few years: The Diary Of a Young Girl- Anne FrankThe Story Of My Life- Hellen KellerHow to Be a Bawse- Lilly SinghBecoming- Michelle ObamaWhat I know for sure- Oprah Winfrey.

5. On shattering the status quo and smashing baseless societal norms (a toast to living life to the fullest)

I recently rode a bullet on my trip to Mussoorie. It was an enthralling experience, the lush greenery, and the insane scenic views were breathtaking and the best part was riding that freaking bike!!!! Ticking things off your dream bucket list is so fulfilling, it was like I was living to the fullest through every turn I took, every road I crossed, every person I met on my way, every pitstop, it all felt like a living dream. I still have many more experiences to live and miles to go before I sleep. But I would take this very moment to show gratitude, to feel grateful for the choices I made, and to pat myself on the back. Because All I have is now, my friend. The truth is now and everything else is mere hope.

Ladki kya bullet chalaegi, Woh Bhi pahadon par???

Well, as Aamir Khan said in one of his films“Maari chhoriya chhoro se kam hai ke”.

Women love surprises as well as surprising others. All we need to do is explore those unexplored territories and redefine the so-called set notions. Find what makes your heart full, go for wild adventures, and just simply be you. Shatter the glass ceilings and the baseless norms.

“We are not godlike, we are simply women living out loud in our own unique ways.”

Embracing our imperfect selves, laughing till our stomach hurts, working our asses off, nurturing our bonds and relationships. Yes, a woman has many versions to her, she is the woman in her sharp corporate attire and also someone who wears pyjamas as soon as she gets home, she is the woman you see at the gym and she is also someone savouring the festival mithais, she is a single mother and she is also someone who is allowed to feel loved herself, she is someone who seems to be a strong and self-sufficient woman and she is also someone craving for companionship in her life, She is weird, and dumb in front of people she is close to and she is also the smartest person in the conference room. You will encounter all these women at one point or the other through the passage of life. Remember to embrace every version of her.

Cheers to her!

And on that note, Here’s me, Nikita, signing off. I will see you next time! Meanwhile, Happy Halloween and hope you have a great weekend, you lovely people!

And yeah, don’t forget to share with us unfiltered stories of how you embrace the femininity in your life.

P.S.: Our co-founder, Akshay Datt has launched a new newsletter and podcast called ‘Japan Diaries with Akshay Datt’. Watch out for the latest insights about life in Japan, here!

That’s about it from my side. Hope you enjoyed this edition. We are much excited to hear from you. Do write in and let us know. Signing off for now.

Gratitude and Regards Nikita on behalf of team.


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