Rounding up 2020!

A year that was 2020...

Hello, Podium Readers,

Well, this one is special. Since this is the last letter of the year, we so wanted to end it on a special note. So, here we are.

This piece is our honest reflections of 2020.

What a year it has been!

We endured our bad days and celebrated the good ones.

From making chapatis that looked like a map of the world to becoming the OG Masterchefs, from being super-motivated to achieve that super-fit shape to binge-eating and Netflixing our blues away, from naval-gazing to surprisingly coming out with creative content… and to being pandemic insomniacs, we were all in this together. 

May be 2020 slowed us down for good? Where were we all busy rushing to, after all? What was all the mad rush about? 

To live in the now has been the biggest lesson of the year. 

The only moment you need is right in front of you. It is now, this very moment. Make it completely yours.

Well, 2020 inspired us to make positive changes in our personal as well as professional lives. I do believe that we have become smarterwisermore aware.

It was a year of losses and sufferings and you and I are the “privileged ones“. While I can write from the comfort of my puffy mattress, you are fortunate enough to have the resources to access it. 

As they say, “Every cloud has a silver.” 2020 had too.

It brought us together. It taught us kindness. Gave us the opportunity for introspection. We were more conscious of our choices. We reflected on our choices, rethought our compulsive behaviors. We were empathetic. We learned patience. We learned the strength of community and having each other’s back.  

2020 has taught us to embrace the glorious mess that we are. 

All in all, we emerged through trying and extreme times.

So, Few things we learned this year…  

1. Don’t be futuristic. 

Forget the future, we had no clue what the next day was gonna look like. There were hopeless nights. Probably we were all doing it wrong for the longest of time. The urge to grow fast and hence ending up making those 5-year long plans was all redundant. Making short-term goals and chasing them with all our sweat and passion is the smartest choice here.

Well, if anything, this year has given us the much-needed space to think about our lives.  To think about how far we have come and where we are going.   

2. Consume Consciously.

The content you consume shapes you. Your thoughts and actions. It is imperative to feed our brain with the right information given that there is a bombardment of content in the social media world that we operate in. Too much information can be overwhelming. Take a conscious step to detox, rejuvenate, and step away from those screens once in a while. Step away from the FOMO. 

3. Invest in the Right Things.

Right things can be: consuming good, healthy food, enriching content, books, or talking to your loved ones and well-wishers. Invest in things that keep you sane and grounded. They can be tangible things or intangibles. Direct your money, time, and effort in the right places. Buy that desk where you can sit calmly and work with pleasure. Take those greens home. Enroll in those dance classes and soothe your mind muscles. Go for horse-riding. Invest in relations that bring out the best in you. Upskilling yourself is the key to better opportunities. Most importantly, don’t be afraid of the things you like and be who you want to be!

4. Learn to save.

Well most certainly, We ordered a hella Amazon packages. I mean giving into useless stuff that we never used again except the day it first arrived. (Just our inability to resist those comfort zones and succumbing to escapism)

The unprecedented pandemic had us shopping non-stop.

Saving money is an essential skill that everybody should know. As my grandpa says, “Saving money makes you a responsible citizen.” The pandemic has made us realize that. The recession is real and we need to look for sustainable ways of living rather than spending unnecessarily.

5. Self-control.

Resist temptations, the things that temporarily lure you. Resist the need to have instant gratification. Park the need to watch ‘just one last episode’ when it’s time for you to hit the sack. Self-discipline makes you a life-long achiever. Letting the emotions get the better of you is not the smartest thing. Self-awareness prevents you from making impulsive choices.

We wish you the bestest holiday season full of love and positivity.

Ending this piece with one of my favorite quotes: 

It’s the thrill of the chase, not the size of the trophy.”

Let’s do a toast to 2021…

New world! New beginnings! New ambitions! Let’s build a community of life-long learners!

A very happy 2021 to y’all. Stay safe 🙂 

We will see you soon!

Until next time…

Gratitude and Regards, 

Nikita, on behalf of The Podium team.

PS: What is your biggest takeaway? How are you reflecting upon as we come closer to bidding adieu to a year that was 2020? Do let us know. We are always listening 🙂


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