Desi Rocks!

Good Morning! Or shall we say “शुभ प्रभात”?!

Now, that we are officially free to step out (of course with social distancing norms in mind), what are your plans for this weekend?

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Well, in case you have chosen to step out, as we did for a jog or to get your favorite cuppa from Starbucks, please ensure that you are well protected and sufficiently sanitized to keep unwanted viruses at bay. As Vikas Bagaria of Pee Safe noted “Hygiene is the new security”. And we couldn’t agree more.

Speaking of Vikas Bagaria, we just dropped a new episode of Founder Thesis podcast featuring Vikas, where he talks about his journey from being an aspiring athlete to becoming a serial entrepreneur. Listen to his amazing story of triumphs and tribulations here. Or you can also look for it on your favorite audio platform here.

Don’t forget to share your feedback on the episode & subscribe to the show. We look forward to hearing back from you…

And, in case you don’t have any plans for the weekend yet, then you can kick back and listen to on these fantastic story podcasts, that are guaranteed to sweep you away.

Here’s a list for you:

Ek Kahani Aisi Bhi

Yup, you guessed it right. This is a podcast of spine chilling horror stories! This powerfully narrated podcast is hosted by RJ Parveen. It has already bagged several international accolades such as the New York Festival award for Best Innovation in 2015 & 2016, New York Festival finalist for Best Narration & ACEF Award for Creativity. Check it out for impactful well-narrated stories that will compel you to visualize scenes as you are pulled into the story plot.

🎧 Listen to it here.

Indian Noir

This critically acclaimed podcast features thrilling crime stories set in India. It has been featured in CBC, The Hindu, Times of India, ABC National Radio, Mashable, Reader’s Digest India, Men’s World, Your Story to name a few! The stories are narrated by Commonwealth Short Story Prize and DWL Story Prize-winning writer Nikesh Murali. If you are into intense stories this is the podcast for you. But let us warn you the content in here is strictly adults only.

🎧 Listen to it here.

Kahaniyon Ka Guccha

Speaking of stories, we could not miss out on our homegrown story podcast Kahaniyon Ka Guccha. As the name goes this podcast is a curated series of stories written by some of the greatest writers in the Hindustani language. The first season is a series of short stories by legendary Saadat Hassan Mato. Unlike Manto’s more popular sombre stories, this is a series of comical short stories exploring the everyday scuffles between married couples! Narrated by Mudit Singhal & Anamika Naidu in impressive Urdu language, these stories are sure to make you laugh.

🎧 Listen to it here.

The Musafir Stories

For all you travellers & voyagers seeking wanderlust, while you are grounded at home here’s a lovely podcast of travelogues. The Musafir Stories shares tales of travel through our exotic country. We are sure you will identify a few places to add to your post-COVID travel bucket list in this podcast.

🎧 Listen to it here.

Anupama Chopra Film Reviews

While speaking of desi stories, this list would be absolutely incomplete if we didn’t mention Bollywood – Our ultimate source for desi stories! Hosted by film critic Anupama Chopra – this is the podcast to get opinions on the next film or series to watch on Netflix, Prime Video, or any other streaming network of your choice.

🎧 Listen to it here.

Well, that’s it from us for this week. We hope you have a fabulous weekend ahead.

Gratitude and Regards,Madhu and Saurabh, on behalf of team.

It’s Time for Wine & Books

Good Morning!!

This past week has been a buzz of activity at The Podium, and yesterday was an absolute blast!

Wondering why we are so stoked??

Well, we released the 7th Episode of our flagship podcast Founder Thesis featuring Akash Gehani of Instamojo. Plus we also released another scintillating episode of Manto Ki Mastiyan, on our storytelling podcast Kahaniyon Ka Guccha.

But, here’s the catch… We did not stop at that and dived straight into the launch of a brand new podcast show called Beyond Campus!!!

In partnership with Unnati, Beyond Campus is where we aim to spark curiosity and expose the listeners to a range of career options. We want to encourage our youth to break the mold and do the extraordinary!

Listen to the first episode featuring Pranay Prakash of Delhivery, where we explore careers in logistic- tech startups here.

Also, how was your week? We hope it was just as great as ours.

So, now that weekend is finally here, we are going to settle in for a more relaxed vibe – possibly with a glass of vine and some good old books.

ONLINE BOOKS: Books And Wine Meme

Talking of books, this week we are rounding up some of the best literary podcasts out there for all you literature buffs & future writers.

So without much ado let’s dive straight into it…

1. The History of Literature

As the name suggests this podcast explores just that – The History of Literature. Answering questions such as How did literature develop? What forms has it taken? And what can we learn from the age-old works of literature? Hosted by Jacke Wilson this podcast takes a look at some of the most compelling works of literary genius – be it ancient epic poetry or contemporary novels.

🎧 Listen to it here

2. Penguin Podcast

If you read or have ever browsed through Crosswords or WH Smith at the airport then this penguin will most definitely have caught your eye before. Penguin Random House UK’s podcast show is a window into the minds of their creative thinkers & leading authors. Listen to this show to explore the writing process of some of the best authors out there & to understand how they hatch fresh new ideas for books. Check it out to get some writing inspiration. Some of the guests featured here are Arundhati Roy, Michael Palin, Zadie Smith, and our favorite, Bill Bryson.

🎧 Listen to it here.

3. You’re Booked

This chatty podcast hosted by journalist Daisy Buchanan will let you snoop through the bookshelves of your favorite authors. Listen to this one, if you want to find out about the books that inspire your favorite authors, and what is it that took them from being readers to authors.

🎧 Listen to it here.

4. The Invisible College

A BBC production, this podcast is the place to pick up lessons on creating writing from some of the greats in literature. Learn everything from how to create characters to dealing with writer’s block.

🎧 Listen to it here.

5. India Booked (shameless plug 😀)

We could not finish off this list without mentioning our upcoming literary podcast, in collaboration with Purple Pencil Project. Hosted by the founder of Broke Bibliophies of Bombay fame, Ayushi Mona, the podcast features never-before-heard conversations with some of India’s contemporary authors!

No, you can’t hear it yet but you can follow us on twitter and we would keep you posted! Do feed us with who you would want to see in this list 🙂

Well, that’s it from us for this week. We hope you get inspired to author your own book. Do let us know when you do!

Wishing you all a great weekend ahead.

Until Next Time!

Gratitude and Regards,

Madhu, on behalf of team.

Cooking Shooking!

Good Morning!!

How have you been?

We know we’ve been MIA for the past two weeks, but fret not! We are back now!

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So pour yourself a cuppa and settle in as we fill you in on everything that has happened at The Podium over the fortnight.

Over the last two weeks, we’ve launched two brilliant episodes on our flagship podcast Founder Thesis featuring Tonmoy Shingal of the HR-Tech Startup Mettl & Sairee Chahal of Sheroes – the all-women social networking platform.

And yesterday we just published our super amazing conversation with Hari Krishnan Nair of Great Learning! Do check them all out here:

We also caught up with Piyush Suri of 5BY7 for our podcast Beyond Campus. A show where we aim to introduce young adults to exciting non-conventional career paths. Check it out here:

On our Manto ki Mastiyan series, we’ve reached the 10th Episode!! Can’t begin to tell you how stoked we are about this. These comical short stories have been our go-to for quick breaks & laughs. Check out the latest episode here.

And finally tomorrow we’ll be launching the very first episode of India Booked! A podcast for bibliophiles where we look at India from the lens of its book! Tune in here on Sunday :).

So, what’s next you may ask…

The Resident Residentonfox GIF by Fox TV - Find & Share on GIPHY

Well, as always there’s more in store for you. Next week we are gearing up to launch a brand new podcast, Marketing Connect. Hosted by our very own Saurabh Garg, this podcast will feature big guns of the marketing world.

Watch this space for further updates.

Phew! That was a lot of catching up…

Anyways so now that we are both on the same page lets get cooking! Yep, you read it right, we are indeed talking about whipping up some delicious mind-blowing dishes.

Seeing that this lockdown and staying home has brought out the master chef within many of us, we thought what better than to introduce you to some excellent culinary podcasts that’ll inspire your next meal.

So let’s dig into our list of top 5 culinary podcasts…

No Sugar Coat with Pooja Dhingra

This show is hosted by Pooja Dhingra the owner of Le15 Patisserie (our favorite place for macaroons). Each episode features a conversation with some of the best chefs or food industry pioneers to throw light on behind the scene stories of a restaurant kitchen. Tune in to this one to know what goes into making a great chef.

🎧Listen to it here.

Southern Slurp

As the name suggests this podcast will is a deep dive into South Indian Cuisine. Each episode is about a unique recipe, ingredient, or cultural habits from down South. Immerse yourself into this culinary journey, straight from host Vikram’s kitchen as he brings you voices, songs & sounds from across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, AP, Telangana & Karnataka.

🎧 Listen to it here.

Not Just Dhansak

Learn everything about the Parsi Cuisine and “Not just Dhansak” in this weekly show hosted by Perzen Patel over at the IVM. The show features home chefs & Parsi food entrepreneurs who will teach you not just about the cuisine but also talk about what it takes to start up the food business, grow family legacies, adapt a traditional cuisine, and much more!

🎧 Listen to it here.

The Slow Melt

This was a no brainer for us… What’s not to love about chocolate or a podcast that talks about chocolate! Hosted by journalist & author Simran Sethi this podcast is a peek into the workings of a $100 Billion industry. Tune in to conversations with tasting experts, scientists, conservationists, award-winning chocolate makers, and many more.

🎧 Listen to it here.

Bon Appétit Foodcast

Bon Appetit Foodcast is a peek into the minds of some of the world’s best chefs, writers, and food bloggers. The conversations revolve around behind the scenes action in a restaurant kitchen & some easy techniques that listeners can try out at home!

🎧 Tune into this podcast here.

Well, that’s it from us for this week. We hope you get inspired to cook up some amazing stuff & also learn more about the food you love.

Do let us know when you do!

Wishing you all a great weekend ahead.

Until Next Time!

Gratitude and Regards,

Madhu, on behalf of team.

It’s about time for a good laugh…

Good Morning!

How are you doing this morning? Let’s kick off the weekend with a hit from One Direction.

Why One Direction you ask?

Well, because this week the band celebrated their 10th anniversary!

Do you know what else happened this week?…

IPL 2020! It is rumored that IPL 2020 is set to start on September 19th and will be held in UAE. We might not have the chance to watch it in the stadium, but heck we’ll at least get to enjoy it on screen!

And by any chance, if you’ve missed watching “Indian Matchmaking” on Netflix then do yourself a favor and watch it. Really. So cringy-inducing that it’s actually nice!

The greatest contribution of the show is the trolling it has received and all those memes that can’t seem to make us stop laughing. Like this one…

P.S. What a great line to use during appraisals. 😛

Well now that we’ve highlighted some absolutely random & quirky happenings of this week, let’s get to what this week’s newsletter is all about.

Like we’ve said before… It’s about time for a good laugh! So here’s a bunch of podcast suggestions that are sure to crack you up. Our favorite picks from the Indian comedy scene!

Here we go…

1. Cyrus Says by IVM Podcasts

This podcast is hosted by Cyrus Broacha! Need we say any more? Just tune in for guaranteed laughs as Cyrus chats with guests about life in urban India right from politics, food, politics, sports, civic sense, traffic, kids & everything else in between. With 300 published episodes you will not be running out of content any time soon!

🎧 Listen to it here

2. KaanMasti

Hosted by Hoezaay (Jose Covaco) of “misheard lyrics” fame on Instagram (now also things, feelings & feedback) along with ace comedian Suresh Menon & Cyril Deabro, this is an absolute fun podcast. Don’t take our word for it, give it a listen and you will know. The podcast features work conversations of colleagues working together to create content.

🎧 Listen to it here

3. Our Last Week

Hosted by Anuvab Pal and Kunaal Roy Kapur, this podcast made a comeback in Jan 2020 and is now available exclusively on Spotify. The conversations focus on the events of the bygone week & the hosts try and make sense of all that transpired.

🎧 Listen to it here

4. All India Bakchod

You will definitely not want to miss this one even though this is old. Hosted by Tanmay Bhat & Gursimran Khamba, All India Bakchod is a podcast featuring Tanmay & Khamba’s signature edgy comments on everything that makes its way into the news. They only have 8 episodes but each featuring some great guests. This one will not disappoint.

🎧 Listen to it here

5. Come host one with us?

Uncle Sam Wants YOU! | U.S. Embassy & Consulate in the Republic of ...

So, we are on the lookout for someone to host a comedy podcast with us! Come talk to us 🙂 You will have the widest canvas to create content on!

And, that’s it from us for this week.

If you have a favorite comedy podcast that you think simply must be heard let us know about it in the comments below.

Wishing you all a great weekend ahead.

Until Next Time!

Gratitude and Regards,

Madhu, on behalf of team.

The Language Edition!

Good Morning!

Hope you had a smashing week!

Throughout this lockdown, we’ve all been upskilling in one form or another. Mostly it’s learning a new digital tool or taking up a crash course on some kind of management or attending an online webinar/workshop.

But honestly, these will eventually just make you “YAWN!” (P.S. talking from personal experience 😜)

So we thought of suggesting something more fun… Learning a new language!

The Right Subject Line for a Networking Email Makes All the Difference

Foreign languages have always fascinated me and I have done two levels of Spanish & (unsuccessfully) tried learning Japanese even… Both were super fun though! So for this edition of our newsletter, we thought of merging the two loves – Podcast & Languages!

But before we dive into that, here’s a quick update from us.

Early this week we launched the 5th Episode of our Beyond Campus podcast featuring Ankit Mehrotra of DineOut. In case you’ve missed it here’s a link to the episode.

On Founder Thesis this week we sat down with Shobhit Dhingra of Josh Talks to learn more about his entrepreneurial story. Here’s a link to this episode.


So far on our newest podcast India Booked, we’ve done two episodes featuring the absolutely amazing authors, Manimughdha Sharma & Varud Gupta. Do check them out here.

Now that you know what we’ve been up to this week lets get back to business.

As promised before here are our top picks of podcasts that’ll teach you a new language.

Here Goes:

1. Innovative Language Pod101

With a series of podcast shows, Innovative Language 101 offers a huge variety of languages that you can master irrespective of your language mastery level. They not only have the usual French, Spanish, Japanese podcasts but also languages such as Afrikaans, Hungarian, Korean, Turkish, etc. With a truly diverse collection to choose from this series of podcasts will definitely keep you hooked.

🎧 Check out their collection here.

2. News In Slow

Here’s a podcast that will take you beyond the traditional language lessons. This series of podcasts available in Spanish, French, Italian & German will help you learn a new language through news broadcasts! With transcripts of the news broadcasts that highlight important vocabulary, we are sure you will learn to pick up a new language in a more everyday conversational & contextual manner.

🎧 Check out their collection here.

3. Survival Phrases

This one will come in handy when you plan for your next international holiday. (Although this seems like a very distant dream right now. But trust me we will all be traveling again.) Survival phrases podcast is a series that features podcasts in 34 different languages and that’ll teach you essential travel phrases, basic conversations, and cultural tips.

🎧 Check out their collection here.

4. The Fluent Show

The fluent show podcast is all about “loving, living and learning languages.” This podcast will teach you any languages but instead will get you excited about picking up a new language. The hosts have themselves learned over 15 languages & share stories, tips, and ideas on how to master a new language. Some of the topics they have covered include learning multiple languages at once, finding language-learning communities, and moving past the intermediate plateau.

🎧 Listen to it here.

5. Spanish Obsessed

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world so we picked a fun podcast that specifically covers this language. (Also in case you are wondering Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world) This Columbian & English duo will help you learn Spanish through a series of courses paced as per the audience’s mastery level. Accompanied by blog & guides to a variety of Spanish topics, this podcast provides all the necessary things required to master the Spanish language.

🎧 Listen to their beginner series here.

Let us know which language you will be learning in the comments below. That’s all from us for this week. Here’s wishing you a great weekend.

Until Next Time…


Gratitude and Regards,

Madhu, on behalf of team.

The Desi Nari Edition!

Good Morning, Folks!

This last week seems to have been a huge boost for female morale. Starting off with the big news about “period leave” announced by Zomato. Now, I know this is a much-debated issue, but let’s credit it for opening a nationwide dialogue about a taboo issue.

One a more curious note – Have you heard about the new female figure traffic lights on the streets of Mumbai?! Here check it out…

A pedestrian crossing light with one of the new female silhouettes in the Dadar neighborhood of Mumbai.

This is the state’s Tourism and Environment Minister – Aditya Thackeray’s take on encouraging women equality! Honestly, I am not particularly sure how this helps the cause but heck let’s just go with the spirit of act right?

But the best thing about last week has been these two epic movies that celebrate two absolutely incredible Indian sheroes! Shakuntala Devi on Prime Video & Gunjan Saxena – The Kargil Girl on Netflix.

If you haven’t watched these yet, then kick back this weekend & enjoy some good cinema in the comfort of your home.

So to keep up with all this girl power, we thought of shining a light on 5 amazing podcasts hosted by our desi kudis. So here we go:

1. Chuski Pop

A fortnightly podcast featuring some fun conversations mostly around pop culture and random everyday happenings. Featured in The Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Elle Magazine & several other publications this podcast is currently on their 6th season and 92nd episode. You will surely not be short of content to tune into.

🎧 Check it out here.

2. Culture Chaos

This podcast is all about the chaos caused by the host’s nomadic lifestyle. Having moved out of India about 5 years ago, Isha Soni has lived in various cities across the globe. In this show, she talks about her experiences – about making sense of the cultural differences & adapting to a new way of life while struggling to maintain her own culture and identity.

🎧 Check it out here.

3. The Vision Nari

This is a podcast hosted by Swati Rawat & features interviews with inspiring women leaders, entrepreneurs & visionaries across fields. Everyday women who are breaking boundaries to chase their goals & aspirations. The idea is to bring forth women role models. Tune into this one to know more about some incredible women and what motivates them to chase their goals.

🎧 Check it out here.

4. Real Talk with Smriti Notani  

Best Smriti Notani | Real Girl Podcasts (2020)

In this podcast, writer & blogger, Smriti Notani talks about everyday things that women encounter – be it politics, mental health, casual sexism, or marriage in the present context. The easy flowing conversational banter is much like catching up with a friend over coffee.

🎧 Check it out here.

5. The Sanskari Saas

This podcast is all about feminism – its various dimensions & how it applies to things around us. The sassy conversation in the podcast range from topics such as body positivity to discussion female leads in GOT!

🎧 Check it out here.

Let me know which of these did you tune into & liked.

Oh, editor’s note – We are also in love with Behencode Podcast by Filoni Kkanani. Do check it out!

And some news from the Podcast Land

So since we last connected with you some interesting things happened in the podcasting world which might interest you.

Amazon Music & Audible added podcasts to their respective services! So now you can also listen to your favorite podcasts shows on these platforms. No, Spotify is not the one to be left behind – they just rolled out support for video podcasts! Wait for those video podcasts coming our way!

And Lastly… a weekly update about what we’ve been up to.

The Podium family is growing & so is our list of shows.

Today is the premier of Saurabh’s much-awaited marketing podcast – Marketing Connect. Featuring some exciting conversations with our countries top marketers across sectors!

You can check it out here.

P.S. this is exclusive early access to some great marketing “gyan” especially for you before the show goes live to the public next week!

Let us know which one is your favorite episode.

On Founder Thesis, we got into a fun conversation with Dharamveer Chouhan, the Co-Founder & CEO of Zostel & uncovered some quirky secrets – like the one where he spent a night sleeping on a beach in Spain! Here’s a link to our conversation:

On Beyond Campus we featured Sudeep Singh of MPowered, who shared with us some great insights and tips on selling big-ticket products. Check it out here:

And on India Booked, do check out our episode featuring author Rajat Ubhaykar as he talks about his book Truck de India – a travelogue of his unplanned, hitchhiked 10,000 km long journey across India! Listen to Rajat’s story here.

Well, that’s all from us for this week. Have a fantabulous weekend ahead.

Until Next Time…

👋 Good Bye!

Gratitude and Regards,

Madhu, on behalf of team.